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In today's modern world, you will find people from all shapes of life; Rich nerds, poor nerds, big nerds, skinny nerds, influential nerds and shy nerds.  However, among our ever growing community, I'm here to warn you that there are some wolves in sheeps clothing.   They could be your friend, your family member, even your spouse, and you might not be properly equipped to identify and deal with them.  If the idea is frightening, good, you should be scared!  The damage that just one hipster could inflict on any given nerd could lead to a bruised ego or even death (at least of your interests).  These pretenders are commonly referred to as HIPSTERS.

First, lets try to define these terms further. The term nerd is difficult to define, and the lines are blurred by the diversity of nerds in the world today and all the subject's one could be nerdy about.  Although, if I we're to try to describe a nerd, I would define it as someone that is greatly interested, obsessed even, in any given subject. To be fair, that definition is open or debate and therefor a matter of perspective and opinion.   A woman who collects dozens of shoes and is obsessed in the collection and design of shoes could be considered a shoe nerd.  

A Hipster on the other hand, begins at the very same principal, but the key differentiation is their conditional passion for what they love.   There's two main examples of a Hipster that are commonplace in today's nerdverse; The first is the hipster that loves something until others discover it. Unable to share his love with the masses, he will often begin hating, behavior that poorly represents the greater nerd community.  The second trait that is associated with hipsters, is a sense of ownership over a property or franchise to the point where no one, not even the original creator at times, is allowed to continue working on it.  A good example is the last 10-15 years of hate towards George Lucas for continuing to work on his beloved Star Wars with the prequel movies and more.  There's plenty of valid reason not to like the movie, but hating on them simply because they aren't the classic trilogy is not one of them.
So now that I have armed you with the knowledge to properly identify Hipsters around you, whats next?  How can you deal with a Hipster?  Well, like trolls before them, Hipsters must not be fed!  What I mean is, their resentment towards a surplus of attention of their beloved properties can only be countered by ignoring their behavior outright.  A hipster is really just a nerd that is trying to stay trendy, and therefor is more worried about the appearance of being a "proper" nerd, than actually being one.  So the next time you're friend says he's done with Star Trek as a whole because the new movies are "too mainstream", ignore him, slap him, do anything but indulge him.  

A worried reader contacted me, and I felt the question and answer might be helpful to others, so here it is.  I cut and pasted this conversation verbatim, however I did edit names out.

READER: Did you just call George Lucas a hipster?! Or am I misunderstanding?
15 minutes ago via mobile 

ME: no way, I love George, i better look and possibly rewrite
15 minutes ago 

ME: lol
15 minutes ago 

ME: i called george lucas haters hipsters
14 minutes ago

READER: Aaahh. Makes sense. I think. While I am a confessed book nerd (ahem) I think I might now qualify as a form of hipster in that the original three films of Star Wars were excellent. However, the franchise went arse over teakettle the second it introduced...See More
10 minutes ago via mobile 

ME: rewrite
about a minute ago 

ME: thx for feedback
about a minute ago 

ME: lol
about a minute ago 

ME: liking the originals is ok
about a minute ago 

ME: prefering them is ok
about a minute ago 

ME:not being open to new star wars because you like the originals is hipsterish
about a minute ago

ME: hating on star wars because they will never make another one again as good as the first two is downright hipster
a few seconds ago 

READER: Ah ha!! Then I am NOT a hipster. Whew. I was worried there for a second.
a few seconds ago via mobile 

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